Oggi 25 ottobre 2020: Giornata mondiale del karate. Proprio una bella giornata!!!

Oggi è la festa mondiale del Karate.
October 25th, 1936, the senior Karate masters in Okinawa held a meeting to decide the future of Karate. ?????
Originally, the art was known as ”Toudi” (?? lit. ”Chinese Hand”) and taught in secrecy. But now it was decided to officially make it a Japanese art. ?????????
The result was a name change (?? Karate, “Empty Hand”), adopting Judo’s belt system (kyu/dan), creating new styles (-ryu), implementing titles (hanshi, kyoshi, shihan etc.) and introducing a competition format. ?????
If it wasn’t for this decision, maybe Karate wouldn’t exist today!?
That’s why Oct 25 is celebrated as “World Karate Day”. ????

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